Thursday, October 11, 2012

Perfect Pot Roast!!

This is what happened at my house last night...

This is a very basic but delicious and flavorful slow cooker pot roast recipe. There is nothing better than coming home from a long day at work to dinner that is done. Bonus, the house smells incredible!!! Enjoy!!

3.5 lb Boneless Chuck Roast (keep it tied up)
1 Lb Bag of Carrots (cut into 3 inch pieces- you can leave the skin on)
1 Sweet or Vidalia onion (quartered)
1 Can of Low Sodium Beef Broth
1 packet of McCormick’s Slow Cooker Pot Roast seasoning
 Salt and Pepper

Add some olive oil to a heavy bottomed skillet on high heat. Brown the carrots and onions.. Set aside on plate. Season the chuck roast with salt and pepper.  Sear the chuck roast so its nice and brown on all sides. Put it in the crock pot. Add carrots and onions to the crock  pot. Use ½ cup of beef broth to deglaze pan and then add it to the crock pot. Use the remaining ½  cup of beef broth, mix with the seasoning packet and pour over everything in the crock. 10 hours on low. Yum! -LD

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