Thursday, February 17, 2011

Beaba Babycook Babyfood Maker - Love, love, LOVE it!

As my boy's 6 month birthday quickly approaches and my little man looks increasingly hungry I’ve been thinking more and more about what and how I’ll be feeding him.  I think I’ve found the best solution: anyone ever heard of the Béaba Babycook Babyfood Maker?  This thing is so sweet!  It’s a very smart all-in-one tool for steaming, puréeing, defrosting and warming home made baby food.  Best part?  I can make my own baby food, controlling what goes in and, more importantly, what doesn’t go into my baby’s first meals.  Now that football season is over I’ll be spending my Sundays steaming, puréeing and freezing Aidan’s first foods!  Oh how life has changed….. for the better, of course! ;)

Beaba Babycook

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Someone has a new hobby...

I like to shoot guns. Yes, I know I live in Massachusetts and not in the South. Yes, I know I am girl and it does seem that my neck has  gotten a tad bit red over the past few months... but it is so much FUN! About six months ago, my hub picked up his license to carry... Many of our friends already have them because they are in the police force. They all belong to a rifle and pistol club and hub decided that he wanted to get into target and skeet shooting.

The first time I went, I was FREAKING!  It was very loud, lots of men were shooting at things and here I come wearing my pink Red Sox hat and stylish capris... Breathe deep hub said as I was about to pull the trigger.... BAM! Check out my skills!!

As time has gone on, hub has purchased a few other types of guns for shooting and I have also been able to shoot some of his friends, Assault Rifles, pistols, long range rifles.. So my favorite to shoot is the Remington 308. It is a beast of a gun and it shoots bullets the size of a fricking tube of lip gloss!! With some practice, I am now able to hit the target at 300 yards!! That is three footballs fields ladies!!! -LD

Our blog has been up for a scant 24 hours and already I’ve had writers block!  What to post….what to post?  I keep thinking to myself it probably doesn’t matter all that much because no one but DBDuff will probably ever read it but what if - WHAT IF - someone actually stumbles across this blog of ours and reads what I have to say.  It better be interesting…

So, I guess I’ll post about the thing that is most important to me these days – my baby, Aidan.  Nearly 5 months old already and growing up so fast!  It’s so funny, there are days when I simultaneously want to stop time so I can keep him the sweet tiny baby he is now, but also can’t wait to see what he learns tomorrow, next week and next month.  Already he is so different than the baby he was just a few days ago, I can’t even fathom what he’s going to be like when he hits the 1 year mark!  It’s been a super exciting adventure for me and my hubby.  Everyone told us how much our life was about to change (cue ominous music), but no one really could convey how much fun it would be.  Anyhoo, here’s my little handsome boy who will have his 5 month birthday on Sunday!

Hello Friends!!

I thought we would start out this blog by giving you a little background about us. G Unit and I met back in 2005 when I got my first full time job out of college. She interviewed and hired me and we have been friends ever since. Since we get to spend 8 hours a day together we know each others quirks, habits and can pretty much read each others thoughts. It is a little disturbing how much we think alike.

For two 30 somethings.. we are probably a little too obsessed with Twilight and R Pattz but we are proud fans. We love to read good books, (especially trashy Nora’s), watch Raylan on Justified and are rock star cooks, thanks to the skills of our fabulous mothers. I call everyone a DB but it is my term of endearment.

G Unit spends most of her time caring for her new babe, hub and pooch and watches Sons of Anarchy faithfully.

I have a hub, two kitties, but no babe yet, so instead I like watch Mike Rowe and his Dirty Jobs and shoot at the gun range with my hub.

We hope that you enjoy reading our Co-Worker Contemplations about all things food, clothes, books, tv, celebrities and whatever else may come our way.

-DB Duff