Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Someone has a new hobby...

I like to shoot guns. Yes, I know I live in Massachusetts and not in the South. Yes, I know I am girl and it does seem that my neck has  gotten a tad bit red over the past few months... but it is so much FUN! About six months ago, my hub picked up his license to carry... Many of our friends already have them because they are in the police force. They all belong to a rifle and pistol club and hub decided that he wanted to get into target and skeet shooting.

The first time I went, I was FREAKING!  It was very loud, lots of men were shooting at things and here I come wearing my pink Red Sox hat and stylish capris... Breathe deep hub said as I was about to pull the trigger.... BAM! Check out my skills!!

As time has gone on, hub has purchased a few other types of guns for shooting and I have also been able to shoot some of his friends, Assault Rifles, pistols, long range rifles.. So my favorite to shoot is the Remington 308. It is a beast of a gun and it shoots bullets the size of a fricking tube of lip gloss!! With some practice, I am now able to hit the target at 300 yards!! That is three footballs fields ladies!!! -LD

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